Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Portfolio...So Far

These photos are of my latest portfolio layout that I have been showing to visiting proffessionals in and outside of the studio. 

I am happy with the layout of the images and the balance between artwork and photography and have had good feedback from the people who have seen it...

Just got to fill it up now.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

PPD Presentation / Placement

This where i had my placement over the easter period. My time here taught me many things, one of the most importnt things that i took away from this experience was the fact that my software skills particularly photoshop needed to be improved. 

Website Design

These sreenshots are from my website.

I have found that having a website has been extremely useful, especially when looking for placements as you can simply send design agency links to all your work.

It also gives you a sence of pride seeing all of your projects slowly mount into an online portfolio

Personal Branding

This is the personal branding that I have started to put with the work I do. The JpD Features in my portfolio and also on my website. It is made from a Motor Oil typefaces and uses all three letters freom the begging of my first, middle and last names.

Joshua Paul Dazeley.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Summer Freelance Work - Lotus Exige S Project

Unfortunately over the summer I was not able to obtain any placements. I did, however, manage to get some freelance work.

I was contacted by someone who had recently made an order on a brand new Lotus Exige S sports car. They wanted me to design the vinyl graphics on the car in preparation for amateur racing events that it was going to undertake. The purpose of the vinyl is to protect the car from chips and to make it look good aesthetically.

Initially I thought that I would not have been able to complete the brief as I was returning to university, but I quickly realised that I would be able to include this as one of my 4 briefs or certainly as a part of one.

The client would like all the specs by November so I would like this to be the second brief I undertake for this module.

I will keep my this blog up to date with any of the interactions I have with the client.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Creative Spark

Creative Spark are a company based in Manchester who speacialise in printing, branding and web.
They are very committed to their clients and seem to go out a long way to get the job done.

I was impressed with the level of attention to detail in their work and the originality behind some of their concepts and designs. These would definitely be people who I would be interested in getting a placement with.

Manchester United Premier Cup Poster.

This was a poster that was created to encourage under 15 year old kids to compete against each other at a professional level in tournaments across the globe.

I really like the style of the poster and the concept behind it. This poster will be sent out to people just black and white but will have with it coloured pens so that the kids can fill it in themselves.

This is a very simple yet effective idea that enables people to interact with the poster.

Police Sunglasses Look Book

This was a look book had ben created to showcase sunglasses. The actual contents of the book was not something that interested me massively but it was the cover and finish that caught my attention.

I think the silver foil blocking on a the black leathery plastic background is something that works really well. I also like that it ha been bound using a singer sewing machine. This is something that gives it a really nice traditional feel to designs that are fairly modern.

Good Greef - Branding

This is branding created for a clubbing company that started off in 2004 called 'Good greef'.
This is something that I would really like to get involved with. branding a company that you can relate to and enjoy is something that I think is really important.

The design here is right up my street. Heavy black lines and blocky colour. Something that is also heavily vectored. I think that the logo is quite strong and this is important as it has to carry a lot of the company image.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

I Love Dust

I Love Dust are a design studio situated in the heart of East London. they specialise in solving design based problems using a wide range of creative principles ranging from animation to illustration.

This studio creates something for everyone. Their designs range from extremely simple minimal design to very complex and detailed illustrations. 
When looking through the work they had done for clients I felt myself being pulled back to my roots of being an artist first before I even knew what graphic design really was.

The studio space that they have also looks fantastic and im sure its the envy of every young graphic designer around the globe.

They have some large clients as well as a lot of smaller specialist companies who are looking for that uniqueness to brand their product with.
To work for a company like this im sure would be extremely demanding but also it looks like a lot of fun.